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A reader writes in:

Hello Chase,

Only a simple message to express I learned much out of your insights and blog during the last 12 months. I decided to boost me after hitting an embarrassing very low with a lady I had been chasing after for more than per year along with your site provides assisted me do that. These days I’m sure i could just go and acheive large achievements with very attractive women of my personal selecting.

The issue is, I have today attained a spot in which I would like a girlfriend and I also actually have two second times and 3 basic dates with potential girlfriends. I will be at a point in which its almost as well easy to get women highly curious even at night first date. You train alot on how to get girls interested but I wondered if you had any information concerning how to try to let women down easy without sounding like an asshole. I love having a choice of ladies the very first time in my own life (!) but I don’t like the concept of merely enjoying the ‘sport’ from it.

I understand absolutely most likely no easier move to make than to only to choose the one I just like the most and dump others but I just thought I’d pose a question to your feelings anyhow,

rencontre ta dominatrice,


Without doubt, that may be a tough any: how will you

try to let a woman down

without getting a terrible man or an overall total heartbreaker? It may make us feel like a fairly underhanded man – possibly even like you had been only leading her on – once you have to show the woman down whenever you know she ended up being wishing to end up being to you.

But, in fact, there


the right method to get it done.